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The Goldsmith Odyssey
Episode 2 - City of Fear (1959)
March 29, 2018 Jens, Yavar, and Clark
In this episode, your humble hosts Jens, Yavar, and Clark take a look at the second feature film scoring assignment of Jerry Goldsmith's career: the lean, gritty 1959 noir City of Fear. We discuss the way this paranoia-filled film reflects the anxieties of its era, and examine the ways it falls short despite its striking premise. Additionally, we dive into Jerry Goldsmith's intense, jagged score, noting the ways in which Goldsmith's music works overtime to elevate otherwise mundane scenes. Finally, we dip into the mailbag and take a few moments to respond to some thoughtful listener feedback. Don't worry: this episode isn't dangerous, merely addictive.

The Work: City of Fear on Intrada

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