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The Goldsmith Odyssey
Episode 11 - Man on the Beach (1959) & The Fair-Haired Boy (1958)
August 29, 2018 Jens, Yavar, and Clark / W. David Lichty

Another episode, another special guest: Friend of the show and Goldsmith archivist extraordinaire W. David Lichty joins your humble hosts Jens, Yavar, and Clark for an examination of "Saturday Night in Santa Monica," the unaired television pilot for Man on the Beach, starring Gavin MacLeod as an eccentric private investigator. While gritting our teeth and playfully dissecting the pilot's truly dreadful writing, directing, and acting, we also explore its jazzy, energetic Goldsmith score (which Goldsmith fans may know as "Jazz Theme #1" from various Twilight Zone albums). As a bonus, we also take a look at Goldsmith's spare, jazz-tinged music written for the Studio One in Hollywood episode "The Fair-Haired Boy" (featured on the Twilight Zone albums as "Jazz Theme #2"). Grab your scuba gear and dive in! 

The Work: Twilight Zone: The 40th Anniversary Collection (at Discogs)

In Depth: Dan Hollis' breakdown of Twilight Zone library cues (Twilight Zone Cafe) Please send your correspondence to

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