The Goldsmith Odyssey

Odyssey Interviews - David Newman

March 21, 2019 Yavar / David Newman Season 2 Episode 3
The Goldsmith Odyssey
Odyssey Interviews - David Newman
Show Notes

The Goldsmith Odyssey's next regular episode is in the oven, but in the meantime, we're pleased to serve up an exciting and substantial installment of Odyssey Interviews! This time, Yavar has a lively conversation with Oscar-nominated film composer David Newman (known for his work on films like Ice Age, Galaxy Quest, Anastasia, The War of the Roses, and many more). As someone who has both conducted Jerry Goldsmith's music and worked under Goldsmith as a session musician, Newman has a wide variety of insights into both who Goldsmith was as a person and what makes his music so remarkable. Additionally, David talks about his father Alfred's impact on the world of film music, the evolution of the film music industry, and much more. Whether you're a devoted Goldsmith fan or merely a casual film music fan, this is an episode you don't want to miss!

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  • 00:00 - C2 Logo Fanfare (Goldsmith)
  • 09:35 - The Counterfeit Traitor - Finale (A. Newman)
  • 31:03 - Contract on Cherry Street - One Way Ride (Goldsmith)
  • 32:09 - Contract on Cherry Street - Prowling (Goldsmith)
  • 36.31 - Chinatown - Love Theme from Chinatown (Main Title) (Goldsmith)
  • 38.10 - Symphony No. 4 in G Major - I. Bedachtig. Nicht Eilen (Solti conducting Mahler)
  • 42:38 - The Best Years of Our Lives - Homer Accepts Wilma (Friedhofer)
  • 47:31 - Star Trek: The Motion Picture - The Enterprise (Early Version) (Goldsmith)
  • 50:21 - Star Trek: The Motion Picture - No Goodbyes (Early Version) (Goldsmith)
  • 1:04:17 - 1001 Nights (D. Newman)
  • 1:16:44 - Planet of the Apes - The Hunt (D. Newman conducting Goldsmith)
  • 1:19:53 - Legend - The Dress Waltz (D. Newman conducting Goldsmith)
  • 1:22:09 - A Patch of Blue - Main Title (D. Newman conducting Goldsmith)
  • 1:24:59 - Men Don’t Leave - Aftermath (T. Newman)
  • 1:30:08 - Sundance Fanfare (D. Newman)
  • 1:32:06 - All About Eve - Overture (Goldsmith conducting A. Newman)

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