The Goldsmith Odyssey

Episode 34 - Wagon Train - The Ah Chong Story (1961)

March 31, 2022 Clark, David and Yavar Season 5 Episode 1
The Goldsmith Odyssey
Episode 34 - Wagon Train - The Ah Chong Story (1961)
Show Notes

Hyah! Hyah! Odyssey Ho!

In our first regular episode of 2022, we join the long-running western series Wagon Train to discuss the episode "The Ah Chong Story," featuring a lively Goldsmith score that fuses eastern and western elements. In this one, your humble hosts David, Yavar, and Clark discuss the painful stereotypes that hamper the show's effectiveness, the creative ways Goldsmith finds to blend his assorted thematic and textural elements, and much more!

Before the episode analysis begins, you'll also be treated to an exploration of an early Wagon Train soundtrack album featuring music by the likes of John Williams, Laurindo Almeida, and Roy Webb. If you've got a little time to spare, why not join the wagon train for a while?

Our direction is westward, our pace is slow, and someday we aim to reach the land of 1962. Enjoy!

And here is The Goldsmith Odyssey's Wagon Train - The Ah Chong Story track list!

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