The Goldsmith Odyssey

Episode 27 - Thriller - Late Date (1961)

September 30, 2020 Yavar, David, and Clark Season 3 Episode 12
The Goldsmith Odyssey
Episode 27 - Thriller - Late Date (1961)
Show Notes

We're late, we're late
For a very important date
No time to say hello and welcome to The Goldsmith Odyssey
A chronological journey through the filmography of Jerry Goldsmith
In this episode, your humble hosts Yavar, David, and Clark
Take a look at the Thriller installment "Late Date"
A sharply-directed (if intermittently frustrating) hour of television
Featuring one of the most devilishly complex Goldsmith scores we've covered thus far
No, most of this doesn't rhyme or even follow the basic melodic structure of the tune used as inspiration for this description
But, uh, it's art, stop trying to impose rules on my art, man
Agh, fine, let's just do the show, we've already missed the thing
And then we'll say goodbye, hello
We're late, we're late, we're late!

Also late, by about a year?  Your helpful Goldsmith Odyssey Episode 27 Late Date Track List!  Which is now available.

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