The Goldsmith Odyssey

Odyssey Soundtrack Spotlight - The Last Castle (2001)

October 29, 2020 Yavar / Douglass Fake Season 3 Episode 14
The Goldsmith Odyssey
Odyssey Soundtrack Spotlight - The Last Castle (2001)
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In their historic second episode of Odyssey Soundtrack Spotlight, Doug Fake joins Yavar to discuss Intrada Records' latest expansion of a classic Jerry Goldsmith score, written for Rod Lurie's 2001 military prison drama The Last Castle. So pour yourself a glass of whiskey, sit back in your comfortable armchair overlooking Fort Leavenworth, turn on your vintage sound system, and let Doug regale you with the tale of how The Last Castle's precarious position in American history caused Jerry Goldsmith a great deal of trouble. Doug also expounds why The Last Castle is one of his favorite Goldsmith scores, from its somberly beautiful trumpet solos to its carefully calculated dramatic build to its explosion of propulsive action music. It's an episode - and a score - that you won't want to miss.

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Why Doug Loves The Last Castle
Similarities to Rambo III
Malcolm McNab - The Voice of The Last Castle
Notable Previously Unreleased Cues
Of Trumpets and Fallen Heroes
The Slow Build to Action
Mark McKenzie's Battle for the Castle
The Flag Raising Controversy
The Second Disc
Yavar's Trivia Minute