The Goldsmith Odyssey

Gold Nugget 8 - Black Saddle: History of a Theme (1958-2020)

March 31, 2021 Yavar, David, and Jens / John Gilbert, Bill Humphrey, and other special guests Season 4 Episode 3
The Goldsmith Odyssey
Gold Nugget 8 - Black Saddle: History of a Theme (1958-2020)
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Way back in Episode 8 (our Fifties Roundup show), we talked about Jerry Goldsmith's memorable theme for the western TV series Black Saddle and also noted a couple fun cover versions of the theme we had found. Since then, we've uncovered a host of additional cover versions and thought it might be fun to produce a Gold Nugget featuring them. Over time, this nugget evolved into something considerably more grandiose: a massive affair with two special guests (Bill Humphrey of the ‘60s surf band The Revelairs and John Gilbert, whose father Herschel Burke Gilbert was the music director for Black Saddle), several exclusive interviews with musicians who have covered the theme, analysis of the music featured on the TV show itself, and a generous collection of Black Saddle covers. A grand achievement or an excessive work of madness? Take a day off, click play, and decide for yourself!

Besides our two regular guests John Gilbert and Bill Humphrey, the show also includes additional side interviews with:

Click here for your Black Saddle: History of a Theme full track list and links to corresponding untruncated YouTube video performances.
Older quoted interviews in full: Jerry Goldsmith (May 8th, 2002) and Herschel Burke Gilbert (April 30th, 2001) interviewed by Jon Burlingame for the Archive of American Television

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What is Black Saddle?
The Jerry Goldsmith Theme
Arthur Morton's Arrangement
What Was Jerry up to in 1958?
Herschel Burke Gilbert as Music Director
Recording in Munich
Herschel's Way in the Door
Herschel and Dick Powell
How Jerry Came Aboard
A Tale of Two Music Libraries
Herschel's Tapes
The Rifleman on CD
Credit Where Credit Is Due
Three Components
The End Title
The Leigh Phillips Corner
Incremental Embellishments
The Season Two End Title
Jerry's Theme Within the Episodes
Arthur Morton's Incidental Music
Primary Recurring Theme
A Timpani-led Action Variant
Secondary Recurring Theme
Nora's Theme
A Favorable Recommendation of the TV Series
Analogue Production
The MUTEL Library
Bud Wattles and His Orchestra Play Themes from the Hip
Buddy Morrow's Impact
The New B-Section
Dick Powell Presents Themes from Four Star Television Productions
Farewell to John Gilbert
The Revelairs
Adding Percussion
Splitting the Opening Note
Changes in Tempo and Vibe
A Musical Departure
The Garage Studio
Rare Surf Vol. 2
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.: The Session Men Affair
The Time Jump
The '90s Surf Renaissance
The Messer Chups
A Living Theme
The Aquatudes
Interview with Tom Bittel
The New York Gremmies
Interview with Noè Socha, Josh Davis, and Quinn Murphy
13 Tikis
Interview with Lorenzo Friday
Farewell to Bill Humphrey
The Surf Rock/Big Band Split
Steel City Alumni
West Feliciana High School 'Spirit of West Fel' Jazz Band
Eddy Roelofs' DKV
Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps
Syracuse Brigadiers Alumni Drum and Bugle Corps
Ghost Riders Drum and Bugle Corps
Interview with Donny Allen, Tim Allen, and Doug Melanthine
Loreto Ship 21 Drum and Bugle Corps
Closing Thoughts
David Brings the Disco
Speculating About Jerry
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